Constituted: July 23, 1846
1950 US HWY 19 South Smithville, GA 31787
Worship Services: Sunday 10:30 AM
Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
--Ephesians 4:3

Welcome to the website of Liberty Primitive Baptist Church. We are delighted that you are reading about us on the Internet. We would love for you to come in person this Sunday and worship the The Lord Jesus Christ, who has saved us from our sins.

In the day in which we live, church names can be ambiguous or misleading. We are very excited to tell you that our church name is neither. Liberty Primitive Baptist Church was constituted on July 23, 1846, in Sumter County, GA. Baptist declares that we believe in order to join Liberty, in accordance with scriptures, repentant believers are completely immersed in water to declare, confess, and identify themselves with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Primitive means original or first and denotes our manner of worship. Primitive does not mean archaic. Liberty strives in this ever changing world of religion, which progressively becomes more focused on entertainment than biblical instruction, to maintain a simple manner of worship. We believe this manner of worship was instituted by Christ and then given to the apostles and handed down through time to our present day. We do not desire to improve upon what scriptures teach to worship God acceptably (Acts 17: 24-29). Our worship services includes a capella singing, prayer, and biblical preaching.

As a collective body, Liberty believes in salvation by grace. We understand and believe that we are sinners by nature and can do nothing to merit salvation from the wrath of God upon sin. We believe that apart from the substitutionary death and subsequent resurrection of Christ we are lost and without hope. This love of Christ to sinners is the gospel of grace. This gospel declares the finished work of Christ to His people.

While you are here please browse the website, and if you have any questions about us please contact us, we would love to hear from you. If you have an interest in serving Christ in this manner, we invite you to come worship with us.

Sincerely His,
Liberty Church